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A 4 Step Guide on How To Shave

Step 1️⃣: Exfoliate. By exfoliating first you are removing a layer of dead skin and dirt which allows the razor blade to glide smoothly which eliminates razor bumps. Sugar scrubs have been used for centuries to reduce body hairs. Additionally, exfoliating allows ingrown hairs to come to the surface and protrude allowing for a cleaner shave as you're able to capture all of the hairs.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to exfoliate your bunns😲 Our bums need love too. Exfoliating helps to keep our bums pimple free while evening out our skin tone. Leaving our bums looking fabulous and feeling super soft.

Step 2️⃣: Apply soap. By applying soap lather to your skin it allows the blade of the razor to glide easily and more smoothly over your freshly exfoliated skin. Since you're using soap you're removing dirt and debris as well. Making your legs super soft and silky.

Step 3️⃣: Shave. When shaving use the blade in the opposite way your hair grows to get a close shave.

Please note: these steps apply to any area you want to shave. From underarms, to legs, to wherever.

Step 4️⃣ the final step: Apply body butter. Applying body butters after shaving further softens the skin as well as provide much needed moisture.

Doing these 4 steps when shaving will have your legs feeling silky soft and smooth.

When was the last time you pampered yourself🤔? No time like the present. Try this tonight!

Date night? Do these 4 steps prior to your date and let us know how it goes 🙃🤪

Remember, these steps can be used on any part of the body😉

We hope this was helpful!!

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