Stay super Mellow with our handmade Mellow soap bar. Made with Real Turmeric and Oats. Great addition to your everyday skincare routine. Gently exfoliates to reveal younger looking skin. 100% Vegetarian


How To Use: Apply water, lather and rinse with water.


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Spring Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Real grated Turmeric , Raw Honey and Oats

Mellow Body Bar

  • Coconut Oil

    • Anti-bacterial, helps to heal skin
    • Anti-microbial properties which are norishing on the skin
    • Great mositurizer
    • Promotes skin elasticity 
    • Long-lasting hydration


    • Soothes irritation and treats inflammations
    • A humectant that can help your skin retain moisture


    • Relieves swelling, inflammation, and redness
    • Very hydrating
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Helps diminish dark spots

    Raw Honey

    • Natural antibacterial
    • Full of antioxidants
    • Extremely moisturizing and soothing
    • Opens up pores making them easy to unclog
    • Long-lasting hydration
    • 100% Satisfactory Guaranteed!
    • If you are not 100% Satisfied, we will give you a store credit for the amount spent.
    • All Unopened Boxes may receive a full refund, we will take care of the Shipping



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