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You Are More Than A Uterus

Now this has to be said, especially in this new season of change, growth and stability we will no longer have anyone dictate to us what we should do with our bodies. We're going to say this in this nicest way possible but let's stop asking women: "when they're going to have a baby?" Or saying "you would be such a good mother" or "I can't wait till you have a baby".

We know that in the past it was custom that women stayed home and had babies but times have most definitely changed. And to be honest it's a bit rude assuming someone wants children. We're in a sisterhood like it or not and our words have an impact on our sisters. We know you say it without malice or ill intent but those words are said without thought of the other individual as a whole. You don't know if that lady wants to have children. Maybe she doesn't but here you are making these statements and now she feels that she has to play along in this little game of "oh yes one day if I'm so lucky I'll be blessed blah blah blah". But what she really wants to tell you is that she wants to travel the world. Be as free as a butterfly and in that life children are not included. But now she can't or won't because she feels you will judge her poorly because she doesn't want children. Making a statement like that affirms your expectation on her body. Most don't want to battle others' expectations so they shut down and omit their true self from you. That lady will never truly be comfortable with you because of a snap judgement and it would be a shame, as it was never your intention.

Remember the old adage - "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? This is the coldest lie. Words do hurt. Words have impact. Words can break you. We write this today for all of us to remember to be a bit more mindful when speaking with others.

Let's practice being more intentional, fully present, remaining open and non-judgmental and relating to others with compassion.

This practice is called mindful communication and it's been very useful for us. In this oh so fake world it's really nice having genuine people around. Let's be one of those genuine people. What do you say🤔?

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