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Why Does Skin Care Matter?

I'm going to say this as gently as possible but let's face it.... we're getting old😭

Which is completely normal. But the thing is as we get older our skin ages as well. Does anyone remember the first time waking up and your back ached? Well I remember the first time that happened to me and I was shook. I hadn't done anything extremely different the day prior but I felt like as soon as I hit 30 I started to notice little aches and grey hairs sprouting up everywhere.

Just as your body is changing so is your skin.

So Here's A Few Tips On How To CARE For Your Skin:

✓ Be gentle when touching your face. Your skin is delicate + precious.

✓ Avoid using alcohols on your skin as it will dry it out and strip the pores of it's natural oils.

✓ Take time when applying your face products and apply in circular motions. You don't want to cause tears in the skin.

✓ Avoid direct sun. Sun damage is real and can produce sun spots (dark spots on your skin) and wrinkles.

✓ Not all sleep is created equal. Please note that sleeping with alcohol in your system will not provide you with quality sleep. Try 7-9 hours a night of deep sleep. They don't call it beauty rest for a reason. Sleep restores + regenerates our bodies. Being over 30 sleep is more important than ever.

✓ Be kind to yourself. At times we treat strangers better than we treat ourselves. As you get ready for the day say nice things to yourself. Don't rush getting ready. Use only high quality products. Pamper and spoil yourself.

Skin Care matters because YOU matter. You are priceless and as such should be treated as such.

My love you are a diamond. Don't let anyone make you feel like a cubic zirconia.

Shout out to all the diamonds 💎 We see you and appreciate you.

Stay beautiful and blessed



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