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Keeping Things Simple in a Chaotic World

We believe that when in doubt less is always more. Less debt, less stress, less complicated methods of managing your life. We've found that the more things we remove from our lives the freer we feel. For us it feels good when we do a purge of our homes and remove all types of unused and unwanted stuff. Do you know the feeling of looking in a pristine, well organized closet that you've spent hours sorting through? It's AMAZING and thoroughly a joy to witness! It's like you can breathe easier when all the clutter is gone.

Removing the clutter from your life and keeping life simple allows for you to see things clearer. It allows you to move with ease as there's not so much distractions in your way.

It's always good to do an inventory of your life. To reevaluate friendships that don't bring you joy. To question if you're holding on to relationships that bring you down. To confirm your morals and values and question if you're holding on to ideals that are outdated and serve no purpose.

Random question...…are you still holding on to those jeans you bought 4 years ago and swear one day you'll wear them?

Are the jeans, the friends, the relationships the whatever's are these things in your life filling your cup? Do they bring you joy. Are they making you a better person? If not, then let it go.

In this new season it's time to only invite love and peace in. And yes, we know that you can't control everything. But for those things that we can....we can...and will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that we may breathe freely and live our best lives on our own terms.

This is our opinion but we'd love to hear yours! Do you agree with us or nah? Are there things that you're doing that are making your life better/easier?

We'd love for you to share your thoughts below. You may inspire someone else to make a necessary change❤️


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