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How To Love Yourself Naturally - Part 1

Our new summer series on self love and triumph showcases the lives of young creatives in cities around the world. We asked them a number of questions looking for the formula on how to love yourself naturally. To love yourself naturally means: discovering who you are and loving that person regardless of your past, your scars or whatever perceived flaws you think you may have.

We begin our journey with Jey whose zest for life is wonderfully contagiously. A carefree spirit with a kool vibe, Jey certainly brings the life to the party. But with that being said Jey has had to overcome challenges which we've come to realize is a key ingredient in loving yourself. Below is our interview with Jey. Enjoy! 

What brings you joy? - When I am in contact with nature or sharing with people I care, I feel free and that gives me joy   Has there been a moment in your life that changed you? If so why?

- One moment in my life that changed me was absolutely when I leave my country 5 years ago. Because I had to start from zero, I had to learn a new language, I had to learn how to walk in this concrete jungle, I had to learn about how to treat different cultures just in one neighborhood, I definitely had to born again.  What is one piece of advice you'd give to your younger self? - My biggest advice for my younger me is Life is Amazing and you never know when you are gonna leave, so please always do those things you really love, choose what you really want, it's doesn't matter if people is not agree, they'll never be agree.  Who do you celebrate? - I celebrate with with people who cares about me and I also celebrate with "my self".   Name something that you're proud of? - I overcome challenges with humility, first I accept there are things I am not or I don't know, so I define the issue, then I look for answers that help me find the best way to solve the situation.   How do you overcome challenges? - I think every person in the world is "unique" and I'm not talking about just "physical appearance", but I could say I'm unique because I am a very encouraging person, enthusiastic, and always trying to find the way to enjoy the situation and it doesn't matter if it is not best. I just think "I have lo learn something about this and that's why is happening to me". And I celebrate doing things I love like, eating ice cream, singing, dancing, walking alone with my headphones and loud music.  Do you believe in self-care? How do you take care of yourself? - I believe in self care, because our body is our "engine" and we have to do maintenance otherwise is not going to work 100% and could die easier than others. That's why I care of my self eating healthy food, using products for protect my skin, sleeping al least 7 hours, exercising at least 3 times for week.   We thank Jey for being open and transparent. You can check Jey out at @jeyrsaldar

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