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Helping The Environment at Home

Did you know that working from home saves you approximately 2–5.5 hours a day without commuting and in person meetings?

Additionally, working from home allows you more privacy and autonomy. With that in mind our first topic in this series will be dedicated to Helping The Environment at Home. Making small changes in your home can help reduce the impact of solid waste on the environment. Simple things you can do right now by spending a bit more time and being more purposeful. So let's begin:

1. Let's make sure we're recycling our:

  • Feminine hygiene outer bags

  • Aluminum trays, burner liners, pie plates, roasting pans

  • Detergent, hand soap, shampoo bottles (lids, sprayers, pumps – on tight)

  • Bottles, jars (lids on)

Containers that have food or product cannot be recycled. Only clean glass, plastics and papers. It's super simple to clean these items with dish detergent, a sponge and water. Side note, you do not need to remove the out paper on jars and bottles.

Every item not placed in a landfill is of impact. That's one less thing that has to take thousands of years to break down.

Going to the grocery store? 1. Bring your own reusable cloth bags. 2 Avoid using plastic bags for your produce. Remember, that bag is not protecting your fruits and vegetables. It's just flimsy plastic to hold your fruits and another way for cross contamination. 3. Take your sweet time when grocery shopping and choose items that are recyclable with less packaging.

Have we missed anything? What other things could we do at home to help the environment?

**We've linked 3 municipalities (Toronto, York and Markham) recycling websites for you to confirm what can be recycled in your city.

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