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Do You Honor Your Body🤔?

It may be a loaded question but it needs to be asked. Do you honor the body you've been given😓?

The definition of honor is: to regard or treat (someone/something) with admiration and respect. Admiration is a social emotion felt by observing people of competence, talent, or skill exceeding standards. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Now, let's refer it to our bodies and see if we do in fact honor our bodies!

Do you admire the way your body moves? The way it brings forth life? They way it can move fast when running or slow when walking🚶‍♀️? Do you have respect for your body? Do you take care of it? Treat it well ? Cherish it? Do you love it? Do you love your body? Do you see it's intransient value to move, to breathe, to touch, to feel? Do you respect your body? Do you admire the way it can speak and bring forth change? Do you even see your body? Or do you hide so deep that no one, not even you can see your body?

For so long I did not honor myself. I did not honor my body. It never felt like my body! Can you imagine😩? It felt like my body belonged to the world but never me. I was judged and tormented for my body. I was too black. Too big. Too much. Too .....................🤬

I was a punching bag for societies insecurities. But no more. Never again will I allow society to trap me in it's superficial bubble. I will never be constraint and dictated to. You cannot put me in a box🙅🏽‍♀️!

Yes, I honor my body. You know why? ................................... because it's all mine and I love it❤️

The lesson learned is: we should all honor our bodies. Our bodies are strong, beautiful and oh so powerful. From now to forever more let's LOVE and cherish our bodies.

They're all we got!


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