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5 Sneaky Reasons Why You Might Be Breaking Out

Have you ever started breaking out with know idea why? Trust us we've been there! Racking your brain trying every product known to mankind and breakouts are still occurring. Agh.... Well in our trials and tribulations we've figured out 5 things that may be causing breakouts and thought we'd share. So without further ado here's 5 Sneaky Reasons Why You Might be Breaking Out:

  • Reason 1: Your cellphone - Your cellphone goes with you everywhere. From the bathroom, to the train, to your pockets and bags. Your cellphone becomes very dirty and when you place your cellphone to your face you transfer bacteria, dirt, debris and germs. To avoid your cellphone touching your face try going hands free when speaking to people on the phone. Place them on speaker or use ear buds to avoid having to hold the phone close to your face.

  • Reason 2: Your pillowcase - Every night you place your face onto your pillowcase so you always want to ensure that it's clean. Before going to bed make sure your face is clean and that you wrap a silk scarf around your hair to avoid contaminating the pillow. Also, if you're anything like us we love Netflix and chilling. We also love snuggling up on our throw pillows when we're binge watching. What we do to avoid our face touching the pillows directly is by placing a clean sheet on the throw pillows.

  • Reason 3: Your hands - How many times do you touch your face? Probably a lot, as most of us do. However, placing your hands on your face transfers dirt, grime and bacteria to the face. Which can cause skin irritation, rashes and acne. Before you touch your face make sure your hands are clean.

  • Reason 4: Scarves - How frequent do you wash your scarves? Here in Toronto it's super cold and most Torontians are bundled up in scarves. Most of us put on our scarves not realizing they carry crazy amounts of bacteria,dirt,makeup and debris. If you use the same scarf daily then the dirt and debris are continuously rubbing up against your neck, chin and face which can lead to skin irritations, rashes and acne. Try switching up your scarves every other day and make sure you wash them weekly.

  • Reason 5: The Food & Drinks you Consume - The things we consume not only impact what's happening to us internally but can also impact what's happening to us externally. Start a food journal. This will help you keep track of what you're eating. Once a week review your journal and see which food/drink items your consuming constantly. Whatever that item is i.e. milk, cheese, alcohol etc. etc. don't eat that item at all the following next week. By doing this you'll be able to identify which food/drink items are causing you problems.

We truly hope this was helpful!!! Have a great day and even better skin:)



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